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What is a Scooter?

A scooter has up to a 125cc engine and a power output of 11kw. Any alterations to this will prevent the scooter from being legally defined as 'learner legal'. Tuning of a scooter like a Vespa Scooter to increase performance will affect a manufacturers warranty.

What is a Moped?

A moped is not designed to exceed 30mph and has a maximum 50cc engine.

Most mopeds can be 'De-Restricted'. For example, a Piaggio 50cc Scooter is made for the world market and in some countries they allow bikes to go faster.

In the UK 50cc restricted moped are what we sell. Models like NRG, Gilera Runner and ZIP SP models sold here are strangled down to 30mph. Only at your request, our on-site workshop can de-restrict the engine unit, to restore the power to what it would be in countries like Italy.

This will affect the status of your PTW as a moped because as the performance is improved, it is no longer 'designed not to exceed 30mph' so no longer a moped.

Why use a Scooter or Moped?

Scooters or Mopeds are one of the fastest, cheapest and most enjoyable ways of travelling in London. There have never been more reasons to leave the car at home and use a Scooter.

  • Don?t pay London?s congestion charge - saving £11.50 per day
  • Have FREE parking in London when you use allocated bays
  • Don?t need loads of fuel
  • Save time, loads of it

Top Brand Scooters

Our used scooters and moped stock changes weekly, but we only source the best brands available including Gilera Runners, Vespas, Piaggio Typhoons, Piaggio Flys, Piaggio NRG's, Piaggio Libertys and Gilera DNA's. Scooters known for their style, looks, performance and reliability are:


Piaggio scooter - from the same designers and manufacturers of the Vespa, but have a more evolved design and perhaps a more practical construction. This means you get the same engines as the Vespa at a more affordable price.


Vespa scooter - Vespa bikes are design icons. Instantly recognisable, and highly desirable with those seeking a timeless design masterpiece with performance. Vespa bikes even hold their value.


      Gilera scooter - have a rich hertiage when it comes to producing beautiful bikes with cutting edge                    perfomance.


Why you should visit Tower Scooters to buy your used scooter

We are proud to say we have worked with bikes for over two decades and have taught many bike mechanics how to repair and tune to get the most from motorbikes during that time.

We have a flair for selecting fantastic second hand scooters, stripping them back to basics and ensuring everything is working brilliantly before putting them on the showroom floor.

With Tower Scooters you get a nearly new scooter with our personal seal of approval and guarantee that we have done a comprehensive check of every aspect of its workings, to ensure that it is safe and reliable for you to ride.

Buying a used scooter with us means saving on the Scooters purchase price, saving on the costs of travelling around London and saving on the sleepless nights buying a scooter from an individual or non-specialist garage.

If you need help with your servicing, MOT, Tuning or repair, our team of specialist mechanics would be pleased to help you. Please give us a call or bring your bike along for an assessment to find out what we can do for you.

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